A journey of finding meaning and reconciliation


Gun Violence in the Black Community

After recovering from a near-fatal shooting, former drug dealer and award-winning journalist, Samson Styles searches to find meaning in his life and reconciliation with his shooter in this meaningful journey that takes the form of a life lesson told to a young boy.

“Killing Beef” is a street term and is a double entendre. The beef is a conflict often between young men and/or their crews. “Killing” Beef can mean a pattern of deadly violence or it can mean a peaceful resolution of a conflict. Black-on-black crime rooted in conflict continues to take the lives of too many young black men across the country. This cycle of violence is senseless.

Why do these young black men shoot and kill each other? For what? Why? What can be done to end this violence? In Killing Beef, producer/director Samson Styles uses his own distressing life experience to provide answers.

Styles was raised in the notorious Pink Houses and Brownsville housing projects in Brooklyn, NY, and before becoming an award-winning video journalist, Styles existed as a street thug. He committed armed robberies, sold drugs, and trafficked guns. Samson spent 7 years in prison and has been shot multiple times. He was first arrested when he was just 11 years old.

The film Killing Beef will detail Samson’s life in the streets and his transformative life experience from the perspective of a young boy. In the film, after a young boy loses his older brother to gun violence, he seeks out Samson to ask him about his own brush with death and why violence has claimed the life of his brother.

The ensuing real conversation develops into a compelling and gripping real-life story that ends with Samson seeking reconciliation with the man who almost shot him to death. This powerful conversation offers the young boy an honest accounting of Samson’s personal story of crime and violence and helps the boy (and viewers) truly understand the cause, effects, and solutions to ending gun violence and—killing beef.

The film ends with a powerful and surprising meeting between Samson and the man that almost took his life. The two men bond and team up to travel to juvenile facilities sharing their stories of conflict resolution and reconciliation to help solve the troubling mindset that leads so many down a path of violence, prison, and death.

Killing Beef is a riveting and unforgettable first-person documentary that tells the human story of black-on-black crime and what individuals and society must do to bring about change.

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